Paper Hotel

Paper Hotel

United States

After having spent the last decade creating and performing music, both together and individually in Austin, Texas, the four members of Paper Hotel reunited in 2011. Rion Archer and Mark Jorgenson began writing and recording songs for their current project in the summer of 2010. Deciding to record at the Bubble in Austin Texas with producer/engineer Jason Buntz, they laid the foundation for what Paper Hotel would be. Having heard the recordings, Mark Son and Phil more... Brasenell were excited to rejoin the duo and be part of the project, and by the summer of 2011 the band was back in the studio recording what is now Paper Hotel's first EP, as well as producing a music video for their first single "Golddigger". With plans to release their EP under the name of the title track "Turn of Phrase", and with having played a handful of shows that have generated a lot of local buzz, Paper Hotel are poised to create quite a name for themselves in the coming year.



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