Nadia Fay

Nadia Fay

United States

Nadia describes her recent release "Spirit on Display" as "defiantly romantic". Her vocals, which range from powdery to powerful, are believable, soulful and beautifully crafted. A highly skilled, multifaceted songwriter, Nadia's songs captivate with contradiction. They are are wise with simplicity, modern yet reminiscent, innocent and sensual and driven by dreaminess. For a decade, Nadia has been licensing her original songs for TV shows, films and commercials/promos more... including: CSI NY, Smallville, The Ghost Whisperer, Marley and Me, QVC, Foxtel, Pantene, Buick, Lowes, Tampax, Secret, Toyota, Mary Kay, etc. Having recently launched her new record label "Hot Geek Records", she plans to complete the exciting release of Spirit on Display in early 2016. Nadia considers herself "freakishly artistic" and feels blessed to work in the arts. She continues to explore the healing powers of music and art. While most known for her honest songwriting and soulful singing, expect in the future to not only be experiencing new music but also her books, poetry, visual art, photography, philosophy, positivity, humor and general shenanigans. 




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