Staff Pick November '14


United States

What started as six Chicagoland musicians jamming together in December 2011, resulted in a fully formed group of seven by March 2012. At Zaramela's foundation is a tight blues rock/pop rhythm section that is more than comfortable with jazz and funk. On top of that base sits an equally versatile, powerfully soulful horn section, and a lead vocalist adept at jazz, rock, pop and hip hop. It is easy to see why it is difficult to describe the genre of most of the band's more... material. They blend musical styles like a New Orleans chef adds ingredients to gumbo -- "a little o' dis, an' a little o' dat". The group has been working on building a following and set list. In 2013 Zaramela has played at the Beat Kitchen, the Chicago Music Awards at the Copernicus Center, The Rave in Milwaukee, House of Blues in May, Schubas, Friendly, House of Wax, and the Unsigned Galena Music Festival August 24th their season finale. In December 2012 they released their first EP recorded at Pressure Point Recording Studios in the South Loop of Chicago. Zaramela released its first LP in November at The Hard Rock in Chicago to a packed house. Zaramela continues to perform the best Chicago venues as well as performing at major college town venues around the Mid-West. Zaramela will open for the legendary band Chicago at the Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee April 30th and May 4th. Zaramela is performing at the 5th anniversary North Coast Festival Labor day Weekend. Zaramela has begun to track its next EP expected to be released Summer of 2015.




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