Chris Hawkes

Chris Hawkes

United States

Chris Hawkes is a native Texas singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He collaborates and performs with a community of musicians from his home in Austin, Texas. His lyrics are meaningful, personal and straightforward. When asked to describe his inspiration, Hawkes noted: “My favorite part of creating a song is open expression of something very personal, or getting a specific message across, then stepping back and going,‘Yeah, that’s exactly more... what it feels like.’” Following his MTV-featured debut Guitar and Voice, Hawkes’ newest release Because I Feel That Way Too combines his singer-songwriter compositions with a more developed rock-and-pop full band production.The title can be heard in the bridge of “Falling Into Doubt” as Hawkes relates directly to the listener: “Don’t you know that you’re not alone because I feel that way too.” The lyric of each song is written to relate and connect with the listener, and the sonic landscapes are as unique as each emotional subject. It’s a journey through the many emotions of losing love and letting go, freedom and the exhilaration of embracing something new.



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