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Ghosthouse is a Chicago-based electrofunk trio with a sexually tenacious performance persona and an unquenchable thirst for all things funky, soulful, electronic, and dance crazed. Blurring the line between retro and modern, the group’s synth-induced ‘80s rhythms and vivacious vocals evoke the undeniable urge to groove. With a performance history that spans Chicago’s wide berth of esteemed venues and festivals (including North Coast, Spring Awakening, Wavefront, more... and more), Ghosthouse continues to electrify audiences with a surge of musical sexuality that pulses through every nerve. After meeting at Columbia College in 2004, producer Jimmy Con and vocalist Chuck New formed a hip hop group under the name Ghosthouse. It wasn’t long before the pair’s creative scope expanded, with influences that ranged from the flashy funk of Prince to the grizzled power ballads of Van Halen. Eventually, the group reformed under the same name in an effort to incorporate a more diverse set of styles. Soon after, Ghosthouse released their self-titled debut album in the Fall of 2011. With passionate, soul-driven songs like “Comearound” and party powerhouse jams like “9.2.5.,” Ghosthouse’s ambitious track list started turning heads in the Chicago music scene. Shortly after the album’s release, Chicago DJ/drummer, Dylan Hyde Castle (A.K.A. Gun Love), joined the band. Castle’s innate ability to hammer out foot stomping beats blended perfectly with Con’s fiery synth solos and New’s dominating vocals, allowing the band to erase the barrier between electronic and analog performances. Ghosthouse became a fully realized group with funk-frenzied chemistry that can put any crowd into motion. Their stage mastery led to a sold out performance at The Mid, as well as bustling shows at Wavefront and Spring Awakening. Following the success of their debut album, Ghosthouse released their latest EP, Deep V, in the Spring of 2013. While maintaining the sexually injected funk tones of their first album, Deep V marked a notable step forward in the band’s sound. The clean cut track, “Empty Bottles” depicts partying as a crutch following the loss of love, while the heavyset guitar riffs in “Freeze” add a new flavor to the band’s already eclectic sound. In its entirety, Deep V is a burst of dance music mania. Ghosthouse will be taking their electronically-charged funk across the country in the Spring of 2014. With a new single in the works, the group with continue to push themselves to remain as diverse and honest as they have been on their previous album and EP. Be on the lookout for Ghosthouse to hit up your town in the coming months.




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