Ivory Tower Project

Ivory Tower Project

United States

Webster's definition of "ivory tower" is: a figurative place of mental withdrawal from reality. The phrase is used as a symbol of escapism. Independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project is a new breed of 'old school' rockers. New music for those who love the sound of Classic Pop/Rock inspired by the great artists of the 70s and 80s. Ivory Tower Project (also known as: ITP) was founded by NY veteran songwriters: Johnny Jace and Mark Regula. NYC veteran guitarist: Tony more... Novarro was soon recruited, and Novarro and Regula formed the core of ITP. As band members left, they were replaced by the NY Metro area's finest studio musicians that transcended Ivory Tower from being a band into a studio Project. Tracks from their CD: 'RED HOT' have received rave reviews and airplay on over 570 radio stations in 32 countries worldwide.




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