JT and The Clouds

JT and The Clouds

United States

JT and the Clouds come from Chicago; their music is Chicago music - rough edged, sad, hopeful, and shot through with soul. The music is alive to the ever-shifting tides of modern indie music, but remains steeped in the city's fine traditions of soul, rhythm and blues. They resist the urge to pigeonhole themselves in a genre, or be easily pigeonholed. Most of the people that inspire them are similarly hard to pin down. It's these ghosts of the past and future, awake more... in their music and words, that have pushed critics so far afield in reaching for name-checks to compare them to -- Sam Cooke, the Band, the Velvet Underground, Prince, Curtis Mayfield... and more recently, Bon Iver, M. Ward, Jeff Buckley .... The Clouds, led by Jeremy "JT" Lindsay, have been putting out records and touring since 2004. Until recently, they got a bit more notoriety in far-off ports then their own backyard, where they kept a somewhat lower profile. That has changed in the last year. After putting out an EP, demons/demons, under the name JT NERO - a softer, (even) sadder, slightly weirder manifestation of the JT and Clouds sound - JT and Co enjoyed a wave of good press in their hometown. The Chicago Tribune tabbed JT as one of its "ten artists on the verge of breaking big in 2010," and Richard Milne at WXRT tabbed demons/demons as one of the top ten releases of 2008, The nice words around town have ratcheted up expectations for the new record, Caledonia, set for release this Spring. After demons/demons' more fragile expression of love and loss, the Clouds were keen to pin back their ears and get after it on this record -- Caledonia grooves, and at times, even rocks a good bit harder through and through. JT's words may still ask you to sort through the same minefield of heartbreak and lonely hunger, but the Clouds have determined that you should at least be able to dance while you're doing it. The album release is set for April of 2010 - in the meantime, JT will be taking to the road in both the JT NERO format -- which usually features JT and smaller formations of Clouds - and full-band JT and the Clouds attacks. The early part of the Spring will feature Eastern US and Canadian dates, followed by a European and UK run. All tour dates are currently available at the band's web sites.

Buzz Points

  • Placed the song "Low July" in the CW show Hellcats
  • Placed the song "How You Left Me" in film Man Thing
  • Song "Till It's Gone" covered by Nettwerk Records Artist Po' Girl
  • Song "Scattered Leaves" covered by Nettwerk Records artist The Be Good Tanyas
  • Song "Caledonia" on the Americana UK Editorial Team Top Ten for 2010
  • Announced as "local band on verge of breaking big time" in Chicago Tribune
  • Tours in Canada, UK, and The Netherlands
  • Shared stages with Birds of Chicago & The California Honeydrops
  • Radio play on WXRT and named Best Band of 2008



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