Kiza Sosay

Kiza Sosay

United States

In the unsettling waters of the contemporary music business, few acts have been able to weather the storm caused by the limited success of unproven artists. Kiza Sosay is an artist that has the talent and savvy to carve out a niche that will prove to be a model for musicians, hip-hop or otherwise, while the success of most new artists can be linked to internet buzz, Kiza Sosay has found great levels of success on a number of mediums. Kiza had not one but two singles more... charted in the top 10 on renowned internet radio station; He has also been noted as the Midwest Artist of the Month in Hype Magazine, as his record “I See You” hit the airwaves on Chicago premier station WGCI . His smash single “4th floor” was so widely successful that an official remix of the song was released in Scandinavia and leaked on His single “4th Floor” has won him fans across the globe with spins on commercial radio as well as steady rotation in both Germany and the Netherlands. He has also began to promote his fresh new record entitled “My Money My Music”



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