Matthew Santos

Matthew Santos

United States

Grammy-nominated artist Matthew Santos has established himself as one of the rare and striking voices quickly emerging from the Windy City’s music scene. With a growing fan base hailing him for his ethereal voice, Santos has secured his place in current music with his distinguished style and elusive musical gift. Far from all of the sound and fury of the modern music trends, 27-year-old Santos is quietly rising into one of the most remarkable voices of his more... generation. Since his world-known collaborations with Grammy-Award winning hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, Santos has faced more expectations and pre-conceived notions from music lovers than most singer/songwriters. Santos’ vocals are featured on multiple tracks on Fiasco’s Gold Record The Cool and most widely recognized on the Grammy-nominated single “Superstar.” Perhaps it wasn’t surprising that Santos’ own music was related to the hip-hop genre by only the thinnest of margins. With a wealth of music to offer the world, Santos’ performances during the “Superstar” phenomenon became counter-intuitive to his desire to focus on his own “soul-folk-rock” music and break free from the disillusioned association as Fiasco’s “hook guy.”




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