The Wellington Papers

The Wellington Papers

United States

The Wellington Papers came together naturally and out of necessity. A loose collective lead by HB Wellington and Lex Verlock, The Wellington Papers make music that reflects the adventures, misadventures, influences and influencers of growing up and living in New York City. A truly collaborative sound, the attitude is shaped by the numerous friends and personalities they’ve accumulated over the years that float in and out, adding their own touches to the music. A studio more... session could consist of anything from a best friend from high school on the bass to a friend visiting from rehab contributing on the hook. The Wellington Papers serve as an outlet for those wanting to create what they want and needing to create something new. That desire was born out of making music for others starting when HB and Lex were once part of a production team. Over the years they had produced tracks for heralded underground as well as multi-platinum hip hop artists. But it wasn’t enough. The Team at a point felt that they could not express themselves in theway that they wanted to. Never physically penned, the lyrics about last night’s adventures freshly flow to the music at late night jam sessions. Together, the Wellington Papers collective combined their love of hip hop, punk, surf rock, dub with their experiences with graf, skate, streetwear and memories of partying with rich snobs, derils, & druggies to create their own sound— a snapshot, a feeling that captures New York’s downtown restless energy after dark. It’s sophisticatedly raw, hauntingly romantic and most importantly, it’s not bound by rules, it is free.




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