dot dot dot

dot dot dot

United States

THE NEW SONG FOR PARTY CITY COMMERCIAL (NATIONAL SPOT/ONE YEAR) AND #12 on the FMQB Singles Chart .Dot Dot Dot’s music is a thrilling union of rock elements cloaked in dance beats with synthy frills; it’s a wonder they didn’t call themselves Duran Duran Duran. Their self-titled album offers short, accessible pop songs that fans have deemed irresistible. The opening track Stay found satellite radio airplay, while closer Good Bye Love became a #1 request on more... Power98 in Guam. A trio of EPs, numbered ever-so-Romanesquely I, II, and III, will be the focus of the coming year. And as the retro yet refreshing lead track Don’t Move suggests, the band is poised to surpass their current triumphs with each successive release. The first EP, I, is available now at their website, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and elsewhere. The show is a non-stop spectacle of remarkable energy, engaging action, and passionate musicianship. The band performs over 150 dates nationwide each year at night clubs, festivals, college parties, concert halls, and private events. Dot Dot Dot continually delivers an outstanding performance that reaches a multi- generational audience and often leaves thousands of people begging for more. Loyal fans, captivated by the band’s endearing personalities, proudly exhibit tattoos of the band, post their own covers of Dot Dot Dot songs online, and even furnish their cars with the band’s pictures and accessories.




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