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Eikon is the London based electro-gospel music duo of Dave Hendra and Dave Pilcher. The Daves Met at St Mary’s Bryanston Sqaure, and joined musical forces during their time studying theology together in 2012, fusing their passion for electronic music and worshipping God. St Mary’s has been giving them space to explore, which has now led to several alternative worship nights trialling out Eikon’s different sounds. Pilcher, previously a music graduate, and Hendra an more... arts graduate, began the project with the aim of creating music to enable other electro-enthusiasts to worship and engage with God. Furthermore, the focus was also to create music that would not only appeal to other Christians, but also a secular audience. Eikon’s sound is a mash-up of modern electronica, house music and chilled-out ambient. The result is passionate and melancholic worship, blended with some dance-floor-filler moments. Pilcher, has had many electronic releases as ‘the Naïve Machine’, and brings his wealth of production experience to Eikon as he composes, produces and arranges the material. Hendra also composes for Eikon, writes the lyrics and sings all the vocals. His interest in lyrical composition stems from his love of poetry, which he started writing on the London underground to act as a distraction from London’s rat-race living. However, Hendra also takes inspiration from the Psalms and writings of historic theologians, identifying with their attempts to engage with God through the ages. Hendra further utilises his Nord Lead and sparse Telecaster harmonies to compliment Pilcher’s warm analogue synths. In combination, all of this creates the unique Eikon soundscape. Eikon debuted on Christmas 2013 by giving away the Free EP ‘The Only Thing that Matters,’ available on Calibresound.bandcamp.com. The ‘My Fortress’ EP was their first commercially available release, with the new Human EP to be released on the 27th April 2015. Eikon have had several features on TV. ‘I Will Follow’ from My Fortress EP was used for Showtime’s TV advert for their new show, ‘The Affair’. ‘Self Giver’ from the Human EP has also been used on a Boeing advert and on the TV show Super Nurses.



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