Girls Love Shoes

Girls Love Shoes

United States

Playing by their own rules, electropop band Girls Love Shoes have made a name for themselves in the television show and commercial licensing world. With regular placements on TV (Pretty Little Liars, America’s Next Top Model, Entertainment Tonight, etc. and ads for Lowes, Kohls, Pantene, Mary Kay, Buick, etc.), their original songs ride the line between commercial-pop appeal and artful, indie cool. Quirky and spirited, the chuckle worthy band name came from a desire more... to name the band after a universal truth, and what could be more true than the fact that girls love shoes? That same colorful, off beat thinking permeates throughout their music. Lyrically, Nadia Fay paints with self assuredness and sensuality. Sonically, GLS shimmers with synths, electric guitars and driving dance beats that make you move while you dream. Original producer/guitarist Jay Condiotti can be credited with helping to shape the Girls Love Shoes sound. Lead singer/songwriter Nadia Fay continues to write and record to handpicked tracks for Girls Love Shoes in her Los Angeles home studio. Although not currently performing, Nadia plans to continue releasing new GLS music in the near future. Through her recently launched record label, Hot Geek Records, a new album is in the works for 2016!




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