Alex Goot

Alex Goot

United States

Alex Goot, known as “Goot” to his many fans, is a musical prodigy. At just 21 years of age and with no formal musical training he sings, plays guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. His voice has been described by his devoted fans as “mesmerizing” and “dreamy”. Alex’s many individual talents are by no means the complete story – he is also a gifted and prolific songwriter. His compositions are regarded as “genius” by musical industry insiders and his more... multitude of fans. Adding to the multiple talents that Alex has is the final step – he has mastered the difficult skills of recording and production of all of his music. Every bit of sound that you hear is played, sung, edited and produced by himself. The results – from someone of his young age – are stunning. Goot derives his inspiration from an early passion for classic rock. He has learned well from the masters and has produced music which has elements of Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Elton John and many others. His music has been compared to artists like John Mayer, The Rocket Summer, and Jack’s Mannequin. Goot has so far published three EPs, several singles, and a full length album. He is continually writing and it seems additional albums are never far away. Goot is also very popular in Japan where in collaboration with Twilight records he has sold thousands of albums. Goot has also found success on MTV with placements on the VMA post show as well as ‘The Real World’ seasons 20 and 21 and episodes of MTV ‘True Life’. Goot’s fan base is expanding rapidly. He has very strong appeal to audiences of many age groups. Alex has often been informed that a mother will be introduced to his music by the daughter – with very enthusiastic reception. His plays on Myspace now exceed 6 million. Alex also takes time from his busy creative life to tour – with the help of his peers playing during his performances. Goot will be touring in Japan in January 2010.




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