Jenna Bryson

Jenna Bryson

United States

News: - Debut album "make/believe" out now! - "Clear" featured on CW's "Hellcats" (May 2011) - "If This Is Goodbye" used in promo trailer for 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' on Sony TV (UK, May 2011) - "Happy" wins Grand Prize in Pop and 1st Place Singer-Songwriter on (March 2011) - "You & I" wins Grand Prize in Country on (February 2011) -- Bio: She's not a real princess, but more... she plays one on TV. Actually she plays princess at children's birthday parties, but she was recently featured playing "Cinderella" on the NBC Los Angeles evening news... does that count? In any case, Jenna Bryson spends her day job pretending that "dreams come true", when in reality, she believes that is anything but the truth... at least, not without a lot of broken glass slippers along the way. A realist with a romantic heart and a voice that has been described as "..fiery, sultry, sweet and sticky, almost like a hot August night," Jenna's music is melodic and "catchy", and her lyrics playful and honest. Her influences run the gamut from Mozart to Cole Porter to Etta James to Journey to Sarah McLachlan. In fact, speaking of the Lilith queen, someone once said that Jenna Bryson is what might happen "...if Kelly Clarkson and Sarah McLachlan had a baby and then sent it to be raised by Jewel." And while that comparison is surprisingly accurate, Jenna still has her own thing goin' on; her feisty, anti-love songs, tunes about un-fairytales, and emotionally raw ballads are sure to move, inspire, and "cast a spell" on you. And be sure to keep a look-out for the debut album from Jenna Bryson coming summer 2011.




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