Kill The Alarm

Kill The Alarm

United States

Fronted by New Jersey native, Garen Gueyikian, Kill The Alarm (KTA) is a band with deep rock roots. Their debut album, “Fire Away,” is filled with tracks that land under your skin and scratch their way out. The edgy stepchild of Green Day and Matchbox 20, KTA is already being called part of the new wave of rock to come out of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Kill the Alarm is already causing a stir, debuting at a string of New York City clubs, giving the city’s rock more... scene a shot in the arm.Known for his deep, soulful voice, and powerful lyrics, Garen describes his sound as “intense and real.” With this debut album, he focused on bringing the live concert experience into the studio and has recorded tracks that tap the sound he has been seeking since he began songwriting.




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