Lizzie And The Yes Men

Lizzie And The Yes Men

United Kingdom

Describing themselves as ’Tarantino surf-pop’ Lizzie and the Yes Men combine Lizzie’s Twiggy-esque style with a contemporary cinematic sound that fuses surf-pop with punk and draws inspiration from bands such as The Ramones, The Ronettes and The Beach Boys. "What one gets is a strangely morish mix of surf rock complete with catchy swing and harmonies a la The Beach Boys in a headlong collision with the angular pomp of ESG and Gang Of Four" DAZED DIGITAL "The more... debut single from Lizzie and the Yes Men is a fabulously upbeat summer tune that channels Debbie Harry, The Ramones and even the whistling genius of Roger Whittaker. It manages to stay on the right side of ’jaunty’ with its Spectoresque melodies." MUSIC WEEK "Their riffs and twangs have a darker and edgy feel to them. We can imagine if Tarantino ever heard Lizzie and the Yes Men, he’d get them on his next film soundtrack sharpish." BREAKING MORE WAVES




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