The Lulabelles

The Lulabelles

United States

Five-piece folk band from Chicago, IL, The Lulabelles are making emotional, heartfelt and genuinely passionate music that resonates deeply within us all. With a diverse line-up of incredible musicians and instruments, this band has focused on writing meaningful songs with true substance, catchy hooks and clever lyrics; but most importantly they deliver them in such an authentic style that they instantly connect, inspire and invite the listening ear. Beginning in 2013 more... over late night conversations and get-togethers with casual friends, unbeknownst to each of them…a band was actually being formed amidst these jams. The core of The Lulabelles comes from an honest, earnest place of true friendship, support and free-flowing expression. Each of these players felt then, and continued to feel an overwhelming sense of ‘home’ playing together…each had a true voice and place within the songs they played, and shortly after they adopted Sean’s (Guitar, Vocals) wife’s childhood nickname and became The Lulabelles officially. Joining Sean in this endearing five-piece are: Nate Wilson (Fiddle/Mandolin), Rudy Bless (Bass), Mike Weber (Percussion, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Vocals), and Jenni Weber (Piano/Vocals). Together they make music that matters…songs that truly tell a story and pull you close to listen and genuinely feel the emotion on display in the music. Completely inspired by the support for their emotionally-laden tunes from fans locally, this tight core of five writes, records, creates and plays in every free minute they can find; this is what they were meant to do and they’re ready to take hold of their moment like never before. Currently finishing work on their first EP to be released in the first quarter of 2015 – The Lulabelles will quickly work their way into your heart and form a lasting connection to your ears with their delicate, melodic & relatable music played with real heart, and passionate skill.




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