Marina V

Marina V

United States

Marina V is an award-winning Russian-American recording pop artist, singer and songwriter. Raised in Moscow during tumultous times of the post USSR madness and bravely coming to America by herself at 15, Marina had to grow up fast and work hard to pursue her dream of making music for a living. Perhaps that's why her songs have a haunting, at times dark, yet inspired poetic depth and emotional maturity beyond her years. "If the Beatles & Tori Amos had a child raised in more... Russia by Tchaikovksy, that would be me. I'm an old soul for sure, and a hopeless optimist/ambitious workaholic with a touch of OCD. Self-diagnosed" Marina laughs. LA Times praises Marina for her "hauntingly beautiful" voice and The Washington Post describes her songs as "melodic and passionate". In her own words, "If the Beatles & Tori Amos had a child raised in Russia by Tchaikovsky, that would be me." Marina started singing & writing songs as a child, and later was classically trained in her hometown of Moscow. Since, Marina has released several albums and has been relentlessly touring the world - from the famed Kodak Theatre in Hollywood to clubs and theatres from Sydney to Paris. Marina has had her songs in films, ads, video games and TV shows, from NBC to CBS to the National Geographic. A versatile songwriter, she's written in various genres, from a chorus piece in Russian language to a hard rock jingle for PEPSI to numerous soft and beautiful ballads for the famed soap opera, Days of Our Lives. She is a recent recipient of an award from Sir Bob Geldof for her song "You Make Me Beautiful". Based in Los Angeles, Marina is currently working on her new album, INNER SUPERHERO, sponsored entirely by her fans. Check out the latest news at




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