Michael Mazochi

Michael Mazochi

United States

Winner of "Folk Album of the year" and "Folk Singer-Songwriter of the year" (LA Music Awards). Michael Mazochi has officially released 3 albums to date while having completed and shelved numerous others in favor of pushing forward artistically. Never one to stand still, Mazochi is a hard working artist and musician who likes to see the process of writing and recording through to the eventual end. Mazochi's songs have been featured on numerous television programs and more... commercials worldwide. He is an artist for the sake of the art and nothing more. Having taken a couple of years away from playing live in order to fully focus on the art of the recorded album while avoiding his back catalog, Mazochi has attempted to revamp his sound and musical themes for the new project. 2013 will see the return of Michael Mazochi as an actively gigging musician. He plans to release both a new album and a new ep in the next year along with a number of singles and b-sides.

Buzz Points

  • Over 70,000 streams during 3rd quarter on Napster



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