Nate Maingard

Nate Maingard

United Kingdom

“Maingard writes protest songs for lovers and love songs for rebels.” --LMG Magazine. Modern Troubadour and indie-folk singer-songwriter Nate Maingard was born in a cottage, in a coastal South African, surrounded by wild ocean and rugged mountains. He grew up his father’s guitar-making workshop and, since those early days of sawdust and wood-smells, Nate has made his own instrument and sound to go with it. His acoustic guitar Melody accompanies him in songs of more... love, life and lessons learned, gently dissecting and fiercely celebrating the archetypal journeys we all share as humans. Supported by a growing community of global patrons, as one of the top twenty artists on Patreon, Nate is a true representative of the troubadour ethos ( On his travels, Nate shares his songs and stories with the communities he passes through and, in turn, they value and support his art. Nate draws his inspiration from the indie-folk movement currently finding voice in the likes of Bon Iver, Death Cab For Cutie and Tallest Man On Earth while remaining true to his first loves of the lyrical singer-songwriters of the 60’s, such as John Lennon, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen.




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