New Zealand

Instrumental duo Palaces create expansive soundscapes from the epic landscapes of their home, New Zealand. Combining fresh, modern electronic hiphop production with dense layers of ethereal guitar/bass loops to produce a celestial sound that envelopes the listener, Palaces' music is ripe for accompanying vibrant imagery in your motion film production. Take your audience on an amazing journey with Palaces' dramatic and majestic aural experience enhancing your more... visuals. 'Vanishers' introduces Palaces to the worldwide stage with a worldclass, atmospheric vibe. A fascinating drum pattern supports a swelling of reversed ambience and thundering low end that slowly builds to crescendo. Minimal beauty meets a depth of sound so rarely found in beat-driven music. 'Svengali' begins as a simple drone and overlaying motif which grows organically into a wall of shimmering resonance - which then subsides into a goosebump inducing 'chillstep' groove with crisp, slick beats and tectonic sized bassline at the 6 minute mark. As per the song's namesake, Svengali entrances your mind. 'Your Eyes Are Worlds' is a single chord that swirls and evolves, seemingly with a mind of its own. This organic composition leaves the listener in wonderous awe of the universe and, ultimately, love and intimacy. As the song recedes, the hypnotic euphoria of what you just experienced makes this track almost infinite in comtemplative scope. Truth, beauty, war, peace, love and madness - Your Eyes Are Worlds is all these things and more.




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