Pictures of Then

Pictures of Then

United States

Pictures of Then is a collision of contradictions that teeters between past and present without staking claim in either. Their hauntingly nostalgic sound is defined by indulging rebellion, escaping from the shackles of familiarity, tasting freedom for the first time, seizing second chances, unleashing repressed anger, and the inevitable yearning to return to the age of innocence. On the heels of their latest release, And The Wicked Sea, the band has garnered national more... recognition with extensive touring and heaps of press. Onstage, their energy is electric; their live performance catapults from head banging rock numbers to danceable pop songs to stingingly wistful tunes. Brothers Casey and Joe Call, David LeDuc, and Joe Gamble hold nothing back, rocketing into full-throttle abandon and leaving the audience breathless every time. "Pictures of Then are like coming across a forgotten, leather bound, family photograph album in the attic. Once opened, it comes to life with faces and lives familiar, yet unknown. You just can not seem to put it down. High art disguised as folk rock, "And The Wicked Sea" is the perfect music, for the strange, and ethereal changes that the autumn air brings." - Scott Herold, CEO Rock the Cause "Here's a band that seems destined for bigger audiences and greater acclaim." ~THE ONION "Their masterful mash-up of folk and rock will no doubt have listeners on board for a voyage." ~PERFORMER MAGAZINE "An amazing blend of reverent classicism and modern vision...always tasteful, completely infectious." ~AMPLIFIER MAGAZINE




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