Pistol Shrimp

Pistol Shrimp

United States

Pistol Shrimp is an electro pop duo formed of electronic musician David Burreddu and singer/songwriter Aaron Peterson. The project was created by UK based 23 year old self-taught producer David Burreddu in 2011, when he began making music during a mid-term break at University and spontaneously downloaded a music production program. What started as a "every now and then" hobby soon turned into a full blown passion, where his sound grew and developed. The beginning of 2013 more... saw Pistol Shrimp solidify their sound, when Burreddu teamed up with US vocalist Aaron Peterson and created songs such as 'Moonshine', 'Beyond Reach' and 'Between Us'. After a few collaborations Burreddu asked Peterson to join Pistol Shrimp and become a duo. Their sound varies from colourful Indie Electronic Pop, built up of catchy analog synthersizer leads, rich baselines and infectious vocals hooks, to epic synth filled ballads with hard hitting drums, beautiful unique pads and layered vocals soaked in reverb. Pistol Shrimp's style is heavily influenced by the 80's with artists such as Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, New Order and Prince, as well as more recent electronic musicians by the likes of Passion Pit, The Knife, The Naked and Famous, CHVRCHES, Neon Indian and Kate Boy. As Peterson lives in the US, Pistol Shrimp's Live show currently consists of UK's Burreddu performing solo with Analog Synths, Samplers and Drum Pads to recreate their music live, which he compares himself to being a "modern one man band". Some of his gigs have included charity events for good causes such as Oxjam Music Festival and Love Music: Hate Homophobia. The duo are planning to play live shows together as a full band in the near future; including live vocals, synths and drums. In September 2013 Pistol Shrimp's 'Beyond Reach' gained recognition when it was licensed for Durex's Real Feel advertisement campaign which was aired throughout Europe on TV and online. The duo also gained national radio support last year with various songs and features being played on BBC Introducing - radio show supporting the best of unsigned and undiscovered music.



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