SneakerBox Chock

SneakerBox Chock

United States

SneakerBox Chock was born in Pennsylvania on September 6th, in the mid 70’s. His parents being residence of New Jersey & not being financially stable led to him being raised in the projects of the Centerville section of Camden. His father left the household when he was very young, leaving his mother to work 2 jobs, causing her to spend a large amount of time away from the home. This resulted in SneakerBox Chock turning to the streets & dealing crack at the age of 14. more... Throughout his stint as a street hustler, he encountered many near death experiences & done some things he is far from being proud of. At the age of 18, SneakerBox Chock was arrested for murder, convicted & sentenced to 20 years, in which he served 9 & ½ years in state prison & 5 years on parole. He maintained high spirits during his incarceration & grabbed a hold of his music writing ability, to get him thru that period of his life. A month after his release from prison, his grandmother passed & he promised her, on her death bed that he would live out his dream as a entertainer. Shortly, after that he sought out a recording studio to record his first mixtape, which was titled ‘Minority Report’. As a result, he met Traxx Trigga & Devinwade; the owners of Screwface World Music. After a short period of time of Chock proving his dedication & showing his ability to create music, they brought him aboard as a solo artist on the independent label. Since then, SneakerBox Chock has sold over 5,000 copies of various mixtapes. In December of 2009, he released an EP titled “Popular Stranger”. This particular project was featured in the “New & Noteworthy” Hip Hop section of iTunes & sold 3,500+ units since it’s release. He has released two singles since the (“So Anxious feat. Jay Criss” & “Move”) release of his EP & they were both featured in the “New & Noteworthy” Hip Hop section of iTunes as well. SneakerBox Chock has also featured on other projects that are available on iTunes, Amazon, etc… Also, he has been featured on,, along w/ other hip hop sites & blog sites. In addition to all that, he is extremely fashionable; some label him a pretty boy. He calls it, “Just being me”. Also, he has an extreme addiction for Sneakers, Hence SneakerBox Chock. He can be found online at the following links:,,,,




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