The Tapeaters

The Tapeaters

Russian Federation

The Tapeaters, named after a naughty tape recorder, is a Russian electro pop / electro funk duo formed in 2009 by Vadim Pukhov (vocals, synths, guitars) and Dimitri Kozlov (synths, talkbox). The Tapeaters’ sound is formed by the warmth of vintage synths, funky vibes, layered airy vocals and talkbox combined together. The band first got noticed in september, 2009 after the release of their first EP ‘Keep on Dancing’. This record was a combination of 7 tracks with more... catchy melodies, bouncy groves and the atmosphere of a slightly melancholic happiness. The title track ‘Keep on dancing’ still remains the most listened to. Inspired by positive feedback The Tapeaters didn’t wait long and released their second EP ‘Watch your Step’ in november. In 2010 The Tapeaters toured Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and played at the biggest russian music festival alongside The Horrors, Pantha Du Prince, Autokratz and many more. This experience proved that the band is great both on records and live. This was also the year when the collaboration between The Tapeaters and the Colombian design agency Monocromo began. The brilliant designers brought the band’s visual concept to a new level by working on the concept for the releases, their cover art for the releases and the website. Later that year the band signed a record deal with a Boston based label OMG! Recordings. The first single ‘Oh My’ was released in august with remixes from Moscow producer Kimouts and Boston duo Nightriders, and was named in the 10 must hear indie-dance tracks on Beatport. It was followed by ‘Satellite’, that contained a dreamy funky original track and incredible remixes from Lifelike, Xinobi and Ghosts of Venice. Two weeks later The Tapeaters released their debut album ‘Visions’, consisting of 13 tracks. The Tapeaters are working on their second LP.




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