The Bynars

The Bynars

United States

Whether you know The Bynars as the futuristic, synth-heavy band stationed in Boston or the half humanoid/half machine race from the intergalactic show, Star Trek, the cloned names are no coincidence. Matt Jatkola (guitar/vocals/programming) and Mike Champ (drums/programming) named their band after the aliens epitomizing their approach to music by blending the human aspect of lyrics and instruments with the mechanized aspects of programming, production and electronic more... elements, creating a danceable blend of rock and pop. The Bynars have shared the stage with notable acts, playing with fun., The Front Bottoms and Math the Band. They've received comparisons to Passion Pit from the likes of The Boston Globe and Ryan's Smashing Life. In 2011, Mashable posted a link to their interactive music video for a track called "How Does It Feel to Be in Love?" which subsequently caused their website to crash from so much traffic. In 2012, they produced an ambitious short film/music video for their song "Every Little Thing You Love." In addition to even heavier electronics and danceability on their newest material, they delved deeper into producing powerful, resonating lyrics and melodies. "The Bynars [debut album] is a sparkly, spiky, adrenalized dash through a Rentals-meets-Passion Pit electro-pop dream that buzzes with Weezer-y guitars, old school new wave synth squiggles, and perky songs about weighty topics like asking your mom for money." - The Boston Globe "The Bynars are one of the best live outfits in Boston now, well representing experimental rock and electro-pop. Dig those guys!" - Ryan's Smashing Life "Contagious, danceable rock." - Performer Magazine "Chair dancing to these songs is a certainty." - Music Savage




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