The Last 3 Lines

The Last 3 Lines


The Last 3 Lines were discovered in 2006 by NY label SinLovers before being signed to Barcelona rock label Aloud Music for the 2009 edition of their sophomore effort, the "Crows" EP. Aside from being a talented group of six, they posses a fair dose of luck that all big bands require. After playing many big festivals in Spain (BAM Polifonik, Donostikluba, FIVECC, etc) the "Crows" EP and the accompanying video to "Fish Tank" was awarded and programmed by a long list of more... European channels. Then the luck stroke again -- they got the opening slot for Placebo's 2010 tour. With Placebo, they played their biggest and best concerts, gained loyal fans, and earned the confidence to record and produce their latest LP, "Visions From Oniria" (Aloud Music, 2012).



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