The Roosevelts

The Roosevelts

United States

The Music of America Harmony Driven American Rock with a 70’s sensibility #WEARETHEROOSEVELTS It was President’s Day. It was our first day in the studio. We had the songs, but we didn’t have a name. There were two of them, and two of us. – I like to think they would have been fans of our music. This jovial statement from guitarist Jason Kloess certainly tells part of the story of The Roosevelts. Along with singer James Mason, the brothers in song – not blood, more... though maybe beards - have captured a sound that melds the musical history of America (Rock, Country, Blues, Folk). They’ve skimmed inspiration from each and created a sound that feels uniquely theirs and no one else’s. When forced to give it a name, the boys will tell you it’s “harmony driven American rock, with a 70s sensibility.” Their debut album “The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn” – which came out Apr 22 - reached #5 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts; placing them among some of their earliest childhood heroes including Simon and Garfunkel, Carole King, and James Taylor (whom James was named after). "After seeing The Roosevelts perform in Austin I became a die-hard fan," shares BMI VP of Writer Publisher Relations Jody Williams. "I haven't heard any new music since then that hits all my buttons like The Roosevelts. The songs, the show, the attitude, the audience they draw, all of it." The Roosevelts are a live band if there ever was one. Their show provides a rousing dance-worthy compilation of songs, but also features poignant tunes that scale the depth of their ability to communicate that story with remarkable power. With the band's charismatic ability to connect with fans, along with a set of delightful songs, concert-goers can’t help but smile. Making The Roosevelts a band that music fans (of any genre) can’t afford to miss.




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