Toine's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight - a&r - Day 1 of 5 (intro)

Happy Monday to all!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, well old man Winter has officially arrived here in Chicago (high today is a "delightfully frigid" 22 degrees) so to combat these windchills and the wretched ice and slush. I have brought to you a band that is definitely bringing some heat. My spotlight this week is a&r, a electronic based duo coming straight out of Brooklyn. Stay tuned this week for a great interview, some really hot music, and some awesome live performance footage sure to have you thinking of warm times and great parties.

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I am really glad you chose a&r for your artists spotlight this week. I love these guys and have been listening to them for a while now. Its great to hear about what they are up to and what they are working on.



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