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So You Want to Obtain a Music License: Part 1 – “Clearing Sides and Favoring Nations”

The following is not to be construed as individualized legal advice and should not be relied upon without seeking specific legal advice.

Congrats! You’re finally at a point where you can consider adding music into your film, production, or other type of audio-visual content. But you have no idea where to start.

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How to Use Music to Support Your Brand’s #Rio2016 Story

Athletes across the world are chasing their dreams of a gold medal this year, and brands will have to train just as hard to win big during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

As we have seen in previous global events, music has helped make the most effective campaigns unique, authentic, and accessible to a worldwide audience — for brands building campaigns behind #Rio2016, the soundtracks to their ads might make or break their shot at gold.

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3 Fresh Findings from SXSW to Inspire Your Next Creative Project

One week later, we can definitely affirm that this year’s South-by-Southwest was a success, and we’ve got the awkward tan-lines, hangovers, and pages of notes to prove it.

Here’s a taste of what our SXSW dispatch has to say about their Austin adventures.

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11 Music Licensing Experiences Hilariously Demonstrated Through Gifs

When dealing with music licensing, we all have intimate experience with the highs and lows of trying to find that perfect song. But what does the process actually look like? Well, we can answer that…

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Return of the Hustle Hits Shelves at SXSW: How to Master the Art of Marketing with Music

Michelangelo wasn’t given a walkthrough to sculpting his famous David. Nor was Frida Kahlo given a blueprint for her iconic self-portraits (other than a mirror, of course). Nonetheless, both artists were taught the core tenets of their respective craft — tips, tricks, and must-do’s to evoke the desired response in the hearts of their audiences.

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Music Dealers at SXSW 2016

The Music Dealers team has their bags packed, tickets bought, and parties picked. That’s right, we’re headed to Austin for SXSW 2016!

To soothe your FOMO fears, we put together this list of MD events, artists you can’t miss, and any other parties that are worth RSVPing.

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3 Music Lawsuits You Don’t Want to Get Slapped With

Disclaimer: The following is not to be construed as individualized legal advice and should not be relied upon without seeking specific legal advice.

The music industry is still rife with legal turmoil, a fact demonstrated by recent headlines. Karaoke clubs are getting pinched, hotshot TV channels are getting snubbed, and some of the world’s most lauded artists are getting sued.

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Ladies, You Kick Ass: Celebrating International Women’s Day

The week of March 7 marks an important holiday that affects everyone, in any office in any industry in any country.

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Top 5 Most Musically Engaging Ads of February

Beyond the big-budget ads of The Super Bowl, there were plenty of advertisements featuring great music strategy this month. With Spring right around the corner, culture-savvy brands are using music to snap audiences out of their wintry slumbers and engage in something more beyond their bed. From registering for college to training like Olympians, the songs in these top 5 most musically engaging ads of February are synced specifically with consumer engagement in mind.

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Artist of the Month: Disaster In The Universe

Hailing from Norway, Disaster In The Universe offers a refreshing dose of talented songwriting and clever lyricism. Racking up an impressive resume, which includes working with star-producer Peter Mayes, opening for Crystal Fighters, headlining major festivals, and securing countless features across European Radio stations, DITU have hit the ground running as they make their foray into music industry. DITU’s sound presents a rare mix of alternative indie and pop/rock with hints of dub and feel-good funk (like a sonic love-fest between MGMT and Gorillaz), but nothing can compare to their upbeat, charismatic live performances loved by their fans.

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