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Indie Artists Live: From Stage To Sync [March]

Spring is on the way, and with it a whole bunch of awesome concerts to help you shake off the cold. Come on out of that hibernation and check out one of these shows by Music Dealers’ very own artist community. There’s no better way to discover tomorrow’s hottest acts, today.

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#MDInterviews with TinyTone Music

The songwriting gurus of the Bay area, Daniel Kempthorne and Reto Peter run the indie production company TinyTone Music and, just between the two of them, do on their own what major labels struggle to do.

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5 Brand Campaigns to Engage Spring Breakers with Music

Doug Herzog, president of Viacom Music, said it best in ’86 when he was vice president of MTV:

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From One Creative to Another – 5 Ways to Wow Your Audience with Music

As the son of two musicians, you could say life handed me a pair of headphones and a metronome as soon as I popped into this world – that, and a brother in the advertising industry. Adland can be one of the most artistic spaces in the world (for one, it’s the only place where the word “creative” can be used as a noun), but when I first considered the world of commercials, brands, and advertising, I thought it was a crock of shit.

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#MDInterviews with Dream Koala

Born to Brazilian parents and raised in Paris, singer/songwriter/producer Yndi Ferreira weaves sonic cinematics under the moniker Dream Koala. Without ever receiving a formal music education, Yndi is nonetheless a talented multi-instrumentalist, having taught himself to play guitar, drums, piano, synth, bass and to sing by ear, all beginning at the young age of 14-years-old.

Over the years, Yndi has developed a signature sound for Dream Koala by blending his tranquil guitar melodies and atmospheric lyricism with electronic beats. The result is a poignant production reminiscent of a siren’s song reverberating against an underwater heartbeat. So powerful was his music, emcees as far away as Chicago sampled the young Parisian’s instrumentals, including Mick Jenkins on the song “Healer.” Dream Koala released his latest EP in December 2015, entitled Exodus, a three-song exploration of man’s spiritual relationship with machines and synthetic reality.

MD: Thank you for taking the time to bring us up to speed with you. First and foremost, congrats on hitting 40K likes on Facebook. How has your relationship with your fans grown since you first started making music?

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The Top 5 Most Musically Engaging Ads of January

In advertising, music can help attract viewers to the commercial and define the sonic identity of the brand. Music supervisors, brand managers, and post-production editors who understand the marketing power of music find creative ways to use music in advertising that surprises and engages viewers. Few things can accomplish this as well as music can.

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Artists of the Month: Nate Maingard

Utilizing guitar and lyricism, Nate Maingard takes his listeners into the deeper journeys they experience in their lives. As an indie-folk singer-songwriter, he considers himself a modern troubadour and global nomad, sharing his artistry and storytelling with the communities he passes through. Born in a cottage in South Africa, Maingard has crafted not only his own instruments with his guitar-making father, but he has crafted his own, unique sound. He pulls vocal inspiration from artists like Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, and Tallest Man On Earth, but stays true to his passion for ‘60s songwriters like John Lennon, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen.

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Artists on the Make: February Lineup

Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras – February is chock full of reasons to get out of the house, have some fun, and maybe even discover your next favorite band. Here’s the lineup of all the concerts played by our artists on the make across the country in February.

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Backpackers, Novelists, & DJs: The Winners of 2015’s Guild of Music Supervisors Awards

There’s more reason than just warmer temps for a Midwesterner to shove off to Los Angeles in January – recognizing your peers, colleagues, and mentors for mastering their craft tops escaping the cold any day.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions Marketers Can’t Abandon in 2016

With the end of January approaching, New Year’s resolutions begin to dissipate. Gym memberships are canceled, organic tofu expires, and newly-adopted marketing practices are abandoned.

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