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Nobody Famous

What up everyone? What a great Monday…I hope everyone got to see the Bears beat the Steelers. Makes my whole week that much better. Anyways, this week I chose another rapper (my next couple weeks will be rap free, I promise…lol).

I was looking for rap / hip hop music on the web a few weeks back when I came across Nobody Famous. He is a rapper/producer based out of California, but from Atlanta, Georgia. A lot of times when an artist produces and raps one side is usually better than the other but Nobody Famous is on point in both categories. Nobody Famous was URB’s Next 100. URB really knows how to choose good artists as this is the second one that I have featured.

His song “Electric” was just placed by Music Dealers in the Premiere of the new CW TV show “The Beautiful Life.” This was also one of my favorite songs by him. This song will definitely get your head noddin. Check out his song on “The Beautiful Life Below”.

“I Got You” is a song that really showcases his versatility. He is rapping over an acoustic guitar. This is just a really great vibe track. Be sure to check it out.

Below is his video for “Don’t Act Like I Never Told You” of his CD, “Order Up! Vol. 3 Chicken and Waffles”. This is a great song and I think did a great job of capturing the message in the video. I think the video adds a lot to the song as a whole.

I also found a Nobody Famous Beat video, which I thought was cool. It brings you in the lab with Nobody Famous during his beat making process. I always enjoyed these videos because it lets you know how they make beats as well as what equipment and software they use. If you are interested in the process or a producer yourself I strongly suggest you check it out.

Be sure to check out his track as you will not be disappointed. If you like what you hear be sure to pick up his new CD “Order Up! Vol. 3 Chicken and Waffles.” It definitely worth picking up.

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