Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: P2thela 164 words · 1 minute read

P2thela is a rapper from L.A. Ever since I first heard the track, "Im From Cali" I was hooked. He is very ambitious and he aims to be at the top of the music industry. While that is a lofty goal for any artist, I believe that he has the talent to do it. He is making a name for himself in California, and for good reason.
Play loves his city and his fans. He is not only a rapper he does his own production as well. Making beats for both,"Getting Money" and "Professional". One is a raw hip hop track and the other a softer R&B song. There is no doubt that he is versatile with both his lyrics and beats. Well, what sets him apart from others? His demeanor. He makes no excuses for himself, P2thela is a go getter and will stop at nothing until he has achieved all of his goals.