Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: St. Andrew 256 words · 2 minute read

St Andrew

Now days, its hard to find fresh, original music.

You’re either finding people who are reaching back, trying to make retro sounding songs.

Or people who just skim the surface and make what’s expected, “safe” songs.

But every once in a while you come across an artist who’s work transcends all that should be or has been.

My featured artist this week is St Andrew .

Thick synth basses, laid back drum grooves, heavy use of effects and abrasive, abstract sounds create banging futuristic songs so hot, you’ll slap your momma (Disclaimer: Music Dealers does not condone the slapping of any mothers).

Working with famed UK electronic musician Adam Freeland, St Andrew has spent the last 6 months, helping create the Freeland Live set for Glastonbury 2009 And Beyond, all the while working on his own release.

Influenced by Justice, The Beatles, Daft Punk, J Dilla, Kanye West, Jackson 5, and Beastie Boys- you’ll find tracks that touch all across the board.

Hard, soulful, driving, warm, and technically advanced music that manipulates rhythm and sonic boundaries.

If you enjoy the feeling of synths dancing ear-to-ear, or left and right panned sounds playing follow the leader in your brain I would definitely recommend checking out St Andrews profile.

His first official release is the “Cosmic Terror EP” , which was released digitally July 21st on 1320 Records.

But you can check his work out for free on his Music Dealers Profile, posted below.

:: Click here to check out St Andrew’s Music Dealers Profile! ::