Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Automatic Fire 202 words · 1 minute read

Automatic Fire
It's unusual for a new rock band to sell out their first performance, but then again, AUTOMATIC FIRE is not just another new rock band. Molded from some of the best bands to come out of the Philly rock scene, AUTOMATIC FIRE has all the makings of a supergroup: famous band mates, devoted fan base, and a commercial sound that still retains freshness and originality. Walt Lafty -Vocals, Evil Rob - Guitars , Brian Weaver- Bass, Brian Kilian-Drums When the four got together to test out there sound, the result was undeniable: an aggressive mix of lyrics and music that fit perfectly into the modern rock genre. The name, AUTOMATIC FIRE, comes from that sense of aggression. It's meant to imply something strong, forceful and perhaps a bit out of control. At the first performance, the tension was thick but the answer was clear. When AUTOMATIC FIRE took the stage, fans were met with a modern rock assault that didn't let up. As the band ended their set and began meeting the crowd, they were met by something truly unexpected - lifelong fans for a band that had played it's first show.