Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Bliss 209 words · 1 minute read


Sultry vocals, innovative production, great song writing, all fall perfectly into place to create the music that is; Bliss.

My Music Dealers featured artist is a female vocalist from NY, NY, Bliss.

The production instantly snatches your attention with sound combinations and melodies that catch you off guard, but still leave you wondering where you’ll be taken next.

Her faintly raspy, warm voice reminds me of Macy Grey (with a name plate chain, a hoodie, more attitude, and a 2 finger ring), and the off the wall production reminds me of a more organic M.I.A or Santigold.

With upbeat tracks like How Kool for the club, experimental tracks like Shooting Starz for your headphones and plain ol’ dope songs like Fix, Bliss is bound to wind up on your iPod in one way of another.

Dressed in the flyest of hipster fashion Bliss coasts onto the scene as vibrant as a tropical song bird, both audibly and visually.

If you enjoy groundbreaking songs that aren’t scared to break the “radio friendly” mold, I would gladly suggest you take a listen to Bliss’s Music Dealers Profile which will be posted below.

Thank you, have a great day!

:: Click here to check out Bliss’s Music Dealers Profile page! ::