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DJ Slugo


Growing up in the home of house music, I was pretty much predestined to accept, if not enjoy dance music from time to time.


Though I was never really a huge fan of "Chicago House" (a little too soft for my liking), I wouldn't mind the occasional Cajmere track.


The club scene had its streamlined, house, trance or techno, but in the neighborhoods and local parties, there was a whole 'nother kind of music.



My featured artist is an artist that I've listened to for the majority of my life, most of this time, not even knowing his name.


My Music Dealers Featured Artist of the day is Dj Slugo.


Credited for the creation of Juke music, his songs, his style, his rhythms and techniques are at the root of Juke music, and its newly forming cousin, Ghetto Tech.


Referred to as houses obscene younger cousin, Juke music uses high tempo drums, various tones and styles of percussion to create textures and depths with bass that translates to the dance floor and in many cases your trunk.


The vocals range anywhere from 1/8th note, one word vocal chops to full verses, usually sexually explicit, lewd tales about voluptuous women, clean shoes, and parties in general.


One of my personal childhood favorites, classic Chicago Juke "DJ Slugo - Wouldn't You like To Be A Hoe?" .


I've been anticipating this artists for a while because I love what the music is, gritty, raw, dance music and nothing more.


No pretty pads in the background, no fancy arpeggiators, no sparkling vocals swimming in effects.


Just 808/909 drum loops, minimal synth lines and vocal chants usually recorded right through a DJ mixer on a cheap dynamic mic- just the essential things needed to get the dance floor moving- no frills.


If you want to take a look at Chicago music history, take a look at DJ Slugo's Music Dealers Profile posted below.



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