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What’s up everyone, for this weeks Music Dealers featured artist I wanted to tell you everyone about a band that is a true pop culture icon, Motorhead. For those of you that are not familiar with Motorhead (shame on you first of all!), if you’re a fan of Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age, Anthrax, and a lot of punk music of the 80’s and 90’s then your are reaping some of the fruit that has fallen from the musical tree that is Motorhead. Formed in London, England in 1975 by bassist, singer, and songwriter Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister. Motorhead have been called the “fathers of speed metal and Thrash metal” though Lemmy prefers to describe their music simply as Rock n’ Roll, whether they are the “fathers” of speed/thrash metal or not what can not be debated is the fact that they were a major influence to those genre(s).

What I like about Motorhead is that since their inception and till this very day of creating music (that’s 34 years, if my public school education serves me correctly) through a number of line-up changes (Lemmy is the only remaining member of the original line up of the band), countless tours and shows, and who knows how many hours in studio sessions, Motorhead has and remains to be….Motorhead. They have not changed to try to conform to anyone, in doing that Motorhead has an impeccable integrity to their music which is rarely seen in music now a days.

Here is the trailer to the documentary/movie about the life and career of Lemmy tentatively titled: “Lemmy”

Their work and dedication has seen the band garner some very prestigious awards. 2005 saw the band receive their first Grammy for Best Metal Performance for their cover of Metallica’s Whiplash from Metallica’s “Metallic Attack: The Ultimate Tribute”. VH1 ranks Motorhead #26 on their list of 100 Greatest Artist of Hard Rock.

Motorhead’s song “The Game” is used as the entrance theme music for WWE superstar Triple H who is a big Motorhead fan, here the band performs the song live at WWE’s biggest event Wrestlemania.

Here is the video for their song called “Rock Out”

I found a quote from an interview done with Lemmy that I thought pretty much summed up Motorhead’s approach to Rock n’ Roll and might be part of the reason why they have had so much success over the last three decades: “I’m playing Rock n’ Roll and I think Rock n’ Roll should be sacred – it is to me. I don’t see why it should not be for everybody else.”

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