Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Newmatic 161 words · 1 minute read

From deep in the heart of Music City and treading alongside country music's rising stars paying their dues in every corner bar, Newmatic is carving it's personal niche in Nashville's emerging rock scene.The core of Newmatic came together from different points on the southern map to form a band some would call indie, melodic, pop, electronica and certainly rock and roll. It is hard to define but hints of early Duran Duran with influences from Radiohead and Stereophonics are present in their music. Newmatic is fronted by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Brian Fuente. Brian's vocals are pure and passionate. His vocals are engaging and they come from deep within his soul. His range is expansive, switching from falsetto to guttural in a blink and then back again. He writes with confidence, conviction and passion. When he sings, it seems that he is singing to you and no one else in the room.