Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Ode 259 words · 2 minute read


As the leaves turn from green to yellow, red, purple. The whole feeling of walking down the street changes.

Maybe its something in the air, the seasons changing always seem to just make the air smell sweeter.

Maybe its the warm colors, only seen once a year bringing back memories.

Any reason, I chose my Music Dealers Featured Artist to be Ode.

Maybe its because they are influenced by the same sights and winds as I, but something makes them the absolute perfect band to listen to in this fall weather.

Hailing from Chicago, Ode is a band that adheres organic instrumentation to sincere vocals and beautiful song writing, whittling peices of music that are timeless- current, and vintage all at the same time.

My favorite song is Murderess, the words are sang almost painfully over the somber guitar track. With touches of strings, drum/percussion accents and a faint synth that haunts you until the end of the track, this song would be perfect in any tear jerking scenes of drama.

ODE : Video for “Murderess” from zoran orlic on Vimeo.

Contrasting this, is the song Fair Weather Plan, which has has a more upbeat, quirky feel to it, horn pieces, swingin’ drums and violin.

This versatile and very talented band is sure to make its way to your iTunes sometime soon, but you can check them out on their Music Dealers profile for free, the link will be posted below.

Have a wonderful day!

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