Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Stonethrown 179 words · 1 minute read

The band consists of 4 members, Judah, Ben, Wolf and Scoles. They hail from Philadelphia with most of their fan base being in or around the Pennsylvania area. I met this band at the Dewey Beach Music Conference a while back and saw them perform live. The energy on stage was infectious and the turn out was vast. You can say that they have one style but there is different feel to each of their tracks. Judah, the lead singer, brings the band flavor. Hard rock, indie, pop etc. It doesn't really matter because he delivers every time.
Stonethrown accomplishments since 2006, include sold out shows at World Cafe Live and The Trocadero, international sales from their debut record, "Where You Stand," live appearances and airplay on national FM radio stations 93.3 WMMR, 94.1 WYSP, and 104.5 WRFF, nominations for "Best Rock" by The Independent Singer/Songwriter Association and "Philly Artist of The Year," by The Deli Magazine and a slot at The Dewey Beach Music Festival 2009.