Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Super Black Market 207 words · 1 minute read

Super Black Market

What up world? Beautiful Monday here at the Music Dealers Chicago Headquarters. This week I chose a rock band that Music Dealers actually met up with at the beach in California - Super Black Market. You can see Music Dealers Sunday Fun day at the Beach with Super Black Market - HERE. While doing some edits to that video I was instantly drawn into the song “Look At This City.” This song stayed in my head for the whole day and I became an instant fan.

This band was born in Warrensburg, a Central Missouri town where everybody knew them: Sonny Remlinger –social butterfly motormouth with skinniest black jeans, a quick hand on your shoulder and a smile from here to L.A.; Joseph Remlinger – amiable, quieter, younger, taking everything in, taking late-night notes about parties, vampires and suicides for his brother to sing about; Benn Bluml – quieter still, his gaze gets stuck on the physics problems in his head.

Their EP “Pray For War” consists of 6 great rock songs that will make you an instant fan. I strongly suggest you pick that up. Check out the songs below.

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