Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: United Dope Front 163 words · 1 minute read

United Dope Front

Hey everybody this week for my Music Dealers featured artist I wanted to tell you all about a band called United Dope Front. If catchy melodies and harmonies are to your liking then this is a band you should get familiar with. Integrating the traditional idioms of jazz and funk with the more recent developments in the hip-hop and electronic dance worlds, the Dope Front generates a sound all their own. What drew me to their music was the way that they weave guitars, sax, keyboards and drums with turntables that gives them a contemporary groove but still maintains an element of hip hop.

If any of you watched the MNF Football game on October 5th between Green Bay & Minnesota you probably saw an ad for Corona which used UDF’s song “5 Days Left” which was placed by Music Dealers. That game was the most watched event in cable television history.

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