Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Wes Restless 219 words · 2 minute read

Wes Restless

Photo By Allison Glenn

Greetings good people, hoping your having a great Tuesday! I wanted to spotlight an artist whom I think is a true talent. Wes Restless is a singer, songwriter, emcee from Chicago. What initially drew me to his music was how soulful his music is, the song “Warm Me Up” which was done via another collective he is a part of called The Jordan Years, instantly took me back to my childhood hearing my mom play her favorite songs from Motown on vinyl (remember vinyl?). After finding more music from him I discovered an immensely talented emcee whose lyrical prowess brought to mind a personal favorite artist, Phonte of the hip hop duo Little Brother.

Hear for yourself the soulful vibe that comes through Wes’ music, this is “Warm Me Up”:

In this video you can see Wes performing “See The Light” with The Jordan Years check it out:

Rocking w/ The Jordan Years Diversity is the key element to Wes Restless sound (in my opinion); having the ability to go from heartfelt songs about making up for time away from someone/something you love (“Lost Time”) to a heart-pounding anthem to living life to it fullest potential (“Only Live Once”) Wes seamlessly maneuvers through various subjects and emotions refusing to be “boxed- in” by boundaries.

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