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NM Musicians Interested in Film/TV

posted Oct 17, 2009

Introducing Music Dealers:

Attention New Mexico Musicians. If you’re interested in working in the film and television industries, Music Dealers, LLC is an online global music licensing service. By aligning with Music Dealers, artists will now gain a world of opportunities to have their music placed in film, television, video games, and advertisements for some of the industries largest and most respected companies and brands. Music Dealers prides itself on establishing relationships with some of the best independent and award-winning artists, in every genre imaginable, from around the globe.

For NM artists, Music Dealers is more than a simple vessel through which placements can be secured. It would also act as a tool to enable artists to gain valuable exposure and fair compensation for their original work. Music Dealers is at the forefront of championing the movement that bridges the gap between independent artists and corporate licensors. Music Dealers recognizes and embraces technological advances in the music industry and utilizes many of the tools in this new “Digital Age” to help further promote their member’s music.

Music Dealers offers its artist community a level of personal service that is unparalleled in the industry. Each one of their members is assigned a representative with whom they can contact with any question, concern, and/or comment at anytime. This type of personal service is propelling Music Dealers far ahead of other licensing companies who are more concerned with “quantity over quality”, leaving artists as nothing more than a catalog number.

By joining Music Dealers, artists would give themselves the chance to see their music provide another stream of revenue while also opening the door to obtaining greater exposure within the corporate and entertainment world.