William's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Day 4 of 5 (Interview) 742 words · 4 minute read

Gas Station Robber is a ground breaking indie group from Los Angeles, California. Consisting of Chris Holbrook and Craig Conard, their music has been compared to The Postal Service, Snow Patrol, and Death Cab For Cutie. Using both organic and inorganic sounds and utilizing visuals in their performances, its no wonder why I chose them as this month’s Music Dealers Featured Artist.

WJ: What instrument would you say is most pleasing to the ear? GSR: I would say the cello. It’s very soothing and has such a wide range of expression. I love the deep resonance of the instrument. It would be a great addition to our live show actually. WJ: Why do you think Lethal Weapon 4 was shunned by original Lethal Weapon fans? GSR: Well, I'm glad you asked that. This is something that I've wanted to get off of my chest for a long time. With Lethal Weapon 4 they just took it way over the top. I mean come on, adding Chris Rock to the cast as a cop? The only comic relief it really needed was Joe Pesci. The film is all about pyrotechnics and lacks a good story line. The best thing about this film is that it's Jet Li's american film debut.
WJ: What speakers/headphones/monitors do you like hearing music through most? GSR: The Bose noise canceling headphones are really good. They have great clarity. The headphones allow you to hear all the little details in the music that you might have missed otherwise. WJ: Have you worked with licensing companies before, if so, what makes Music Dealers sooooo much better? GSR: Yes we have. I really like the Deal Board aspect of what you guys do. Artists can actually stay involved on a daily basis by seeing what opportunities are out there for their music. It gives you the sense that you have a little bit of control because you’re able to submit the songs that you feel may be right for the job. With most companies you’re completely detached and basically wash your hands of the entire thing once you’ve put your music in their catalogue. WJ: One audio program, one piece of hardware and one brand of chips for the rest of your life..? GSR: For me it would be ProTools, an MBox and Cool Ranch Doritos. You can't get tired of Cool Ranch Doritos. WJ: How many words would you say you can make by rearranging the letters in your name? GSR: I don't understand the question. I'm going to have to pass this off to one of the other band members. We'll get back to you. WJ: Are there any strange or weird practices you might have while working on your tracks? GSR: Absolutely, I work in the bathroom. Anytime I get a little spark for a song idea it’s off to the bathroom for me. I used to have a tape recorder set up in there back in the day because it was the only quiet place I could get to.
With such nice reverb in there it has remained a staple part of my creative process. WJ: If you could have your work used in any place, any television show, any movie, any screenplay- past or present, what would it be? GSR: We're not too picky, we would just like our music used. It has real cinematic quality to it so I think it could work really well in film. WJ: What was the most ridiculous place you ever performed, good and bad? GSR: Craig and I almost performed at a children's carnival with our last band. When I say children's carnival we're talking about kids that were 5 years old and under. Our opening act was a tap group of 3 and 4 year olds. We didn't think that was the right demographic for us. WJ: Was Star Wars better as a trilogy, or hexalogy, why? GSR: Trilogy! All I have to say is Jar Jar Binks. WJ: Where do you see yourself in 13 years? GSR: I see myself focusing on GSR material in one form or another, whether it's scoring music for film / tv or writing material for our 10th release. I'd love to be collaborating with people on multiple music projects at that point.
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