Music Dealers Placement: Heineken Playlist Challenge 119 words · 1 minute read

The Party Playlist Challenge will showcase common, holiday party scenarios. In each scenario, the partygoers noticeably could be having a better time. And, they are counting on your superior music mixing skills to make that happen with a little help rom DJ Biz Markie.

Music Dealers placed nine songs total in this holiday playlist - congratulation to the artists chosen.

—Monday Morning Love Situation by Jointpop

—Whatchadoing by Treologic

—Walk the Train Car by L*A*W

—Dem Know by Copperpot feat. KRS-one

—Let’s Just by Othello

—Bye Bye by Turbo

—Magic by Mr. Ozwald

—Fall From Grace by Danz 99

—Electrofly by Mr. Ozwald


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