Toine's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Day 4 of 5 (Interview) 534 words · 3 minute read



1. This morning for breakfast I had?

    A bowl of rappers


2. The last thing I said before I went to sleep last night was?



3. What are the three things you HAVE to have with you when out on tour?

A car charger for my phone (a 20 hr drive could suck with a  deadphone), a copy of “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Classon (Money on my mind), and some sort of toy gun (shooting helps relieve some stress).


4.Right now there are several artists such as yourself, Lupe, & U-N-I that are showing that you can be intelligent with an appreciation for fine clothing and still have skills. Is becoming the “intelligent fashion conscious” rapper becoming the new cool?

Uh… I think its becoming the new fad. I dunno how “cool” fads are. Honestly i’m not that intelligent, i’m not that fashion conscious, I just have a perspective and a selective taste, I don’t know if that fits in todays mode of “cool”. With knowledge, I will never feel that I am “intelligent” because I am as equally ignorant as knowledgeable, with clothes- I like simple, muted, understated killer shit that usually isn’t “in style”, and as far as skills, yeah I rap my ass off. I think the whole “intelligent fashion conscious” crowd cares a lil bit more than I ever will about being in that vein, me- I just like to acquire and inspire. That all.


5. Describe “A Beautiful Mind”..

Organized chaos, the beauty is in not understanding shit but appreciating it.


6. Who is Show Stopper and how is he different from CurT@!n$?

Show Stopper might have been a lil more arrogant that CurT@!n$, that might be the only difference. My raps back then were outrageous.


7. What kicks are you really feeling right now?

Some beat up Vandals or some worn out Vans


8. Would you rather be with a woman that had a horrible sense of fashion but a great personality or was at the top of her fashion game but had a garbage personality?

The 18 year old me might’ve probably opted for the fly air-head but the 25 year old me much rather someone I could build with and grow with. Besides, I can just be her stylist.


9. Whats currently in the iPod?

I haven’t owned an iPod in years, but if I had one i’d probably have  a playlist of old soul music. An 80’s pop playlist an indie rock/alternative playlist and a super random hip-hop playlist.


10. Lastly, if you had to choose between A) Being the best rapper B) Have a lifetime supply of clothing and shoes from any designer you want or C) A lifetime supply of the best Soul Food you have ever had…which would you choose?

Easy! I’d choose A. If I was the best rapper, I can get all the clothes I want for free, and I could open a soul food restaurant and eat for free all day anyway. Famous rappers get all the perks.


Outro: Any parting words to our readers?

Don’t try this at home!