Drake's Music Dealers Artist Spotlight: Day 4 of 5 (Interview) 725 words · 4 minute read

Drake - If you got one collaboration with one artist, who would it be?

Tommy - Hmm, tricky one.  There are millions I’d like to choose, but today, I think I would have to go with Michael Buble, although I may melt if I was near him.


Drake - What is your favorite breakfast food?

Tommy - A nice fresh croissant.


Drake - Why do you think you have been picked to be my featured artist?

Tommy - Because you like my album and rightfully so!


Drake - You obviously like travelling, what is the most interesting place you have been?

Tommy - I visited Malawi last October with my good friend Sarah Grace.  We went there to run singing workshops.  It was my first trip to Africa and was a real challenge as well as being an amazing place to see with so many friendly and kind people.


Drake - Give me a run down of your perfect day.

Tommy - Wake up with my rather handsome boyfriend, eat nice food all day (including Sushi), go for a country walk in the fresh air, have a massage and go to a gig in the evening at

an intimate venue to see one of my favourite artists – perhaps Foy Vance. Yes, that sounds good.


Drake - When did you start singing?

Tommy - I started having lessons when I was about 8 years old.


Drake - When will your new album be finished and what vibe are you going for?

Tommy - I hope to record it later this year but it is a work in progress at the moment.  The vibe is going to be upbeat/funky/happy/soulful.


Drake - What genre of music do you consider yourself to be? Who are your influences?

Tommy - The classic question that is so hard to answer!  I would say it has a strong blues influence and is soulful and catchy.  I listen to Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Liane Carroll and loads more!  My current favourites are Donny Hathaway, Lady Gaga and Esperanza Spalding.


Drake - How has your music evolved since you first began?

Tommy - I don’t think I have moved far from where I started but think the song writing is stronger and gradually I am taking all the blues, soul and jazz that I love and putting it into something fresh…hopefully!


Drake - Name me 3 things you like about the U.S.

  1. Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

  2. The weather.

  3. The Hollywood Bowl.


Drake - Name me 3 things you dislike about the U.S.

  1. How everyone says ‘Have a nice day’.

  2. The massive portions.

  3. Extravagance.


Drake - If you had 1,000,000 pounds, how would you spend it?

Tommy - I’d invest it in a property. Boring but sensible! I’d probably chuck a holiday in there too.


Drake - If you could speak to one type of animal, what would it be?

Tommy - A cockroach.  I’d like to know how they view the world as we saw loads in Africa and they are a blimmin’ nuisance so I wonder what they think their purpose is?!


Drake - Coffee or Tea?

Tommy - Tea.           


Drake - If you could travel anywhere in the world to get one piece of food, where and what would it be?

Tommy - Japan for sushi.  I’m hoping to go later this year and I’m going to stuff myself!


Drake - Is there intelligent life in outer space?

Tommy - Cor – slightly heavy subject!  I would like to think there is just because it would be fascinating and I don’t see why there can’t be – we are here afterall!  But it does freak me out to start thinking about it, as the possibilities are endless.


Drake - Give me a couple of major obstacles that you have overcome in your life.

Tommy - Nothing comes to mind immediately.  I always think to be a successful musician I should have probably been shot in the face or run over by a truck three times but I’ve had a nice life, I’m pleased to say.  I’ve been heartbroken, my parents got divorced when I was 6 and a huge mirror fell on my head when I was 1 and cut my face open but I always think all these things just make you stronger!


Drake - Ok, enough about you, what about us?

Tommy - Nevermind you.  I’m the featured artist this month!